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Celebrate by the Sea in Style


Boutique Weddings

Getting married is a special day, and the happy couple wants it to be remembered for years to come.


That's why a beautiful old-fashioned bar in a scenic seaside village can make the perfect setting. Informal and tucked away, this is the perfect spot for couples who want to capture that vintage charm while they exchange their vows.


With experienced caterers, cold drinks and plenty of room for all your friends and family, this cosy venue will make your wedding day stress-free and full of memories.


Celebrate by the Sea

Imagine your dream wedding surrounded by fresh local seafood, an unforgettable view of the sea and lively music emanating from the bar.


The O'Sullivan Family is committed to bringing you an incredible experience to last a lifetime at their venue, Nottage's. Established in 1912, Nottage's offers classic European dishes and drinks for you and your guests to enjoy with live music that will set the perfect atmosphere for your special day. 


Overlooking the ocean with fresh seafood served, Nottage's is a one-of-a-kind location for you to have your wedding celebration.


Our Experience

The O'Sullivan's have plenty of experience in hosting and looking after special occasions, so it should be a good fit for the couple's wedding.


Our family is readily available to discuss any queries you may have regarding Nottage's Bar & Restaurant, how we can help to look after your family and friends, or anything else that would make your special day more memorable.


With an experienced team behind us, we will make sure to do everything in our power to ensure your celebration is exactly what you envisioned. Give us a call or drop in at any time and let us make your day as amazing as you dreamed it would be!

Dermot, Linda, Katie & Alex of O'Sullivan

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